Let your business rock! Get to know your matching Startup on March 28th

On the 28th of March we’ll set up camp at ‘De Shop- Antwerp’ from 14h till 18h.
We will bring decisionmakers in direct contact with startups and will provide networking tools to facilitate meetings. Antwerp Startup Fair offers an opportunity for corporates to discover innovative solutions for their problems.
We’ll make sure you can focus on the essentials and we’ll take care of the rest!

  • Decision-makers (CEO’s, Purchasing Managers, Innovation Managers,…).
  • Everyone interested in buying from startups.
Why you should buy from a Startup?
  • Increased innovation: cutting-edge ideas stem largely from startups, think AirBnB, kickstarter, Sparcentral or Sing2pay
  • Faster Response: given startups agile nature and familiarity with fast-changing environments.
  • Less-Expensive Solutions: startups crush established pricing structures
  • Create Value: A startup's primary goal is to create value to your company.


Your success is their success.
Register now and find out more reasons at Antwerp Startup Fair!