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We are the first Immersive Reality production company worldwide. We have developped and patented “Third-I”. It’s a unique camera worn on the forehead by the user that records exacly what the user sees in 3D and hears with 360° sound. The immersive video produced by Third-I is to be watched on head mounted displays for full immersion. The spectator of a video recorded by Third-I has the feeling to embody the person who recorded with the camera. Our prototypes are fully operational and have been widely tested in surgery, festivals, real estates, sports and plenty of other domains and we are now ready to develop market ready versions of our prototypes.

Industry: VR technologies


Our team is composed by three associates namely Samuel Meirlaen, Anais Caroff and Mikael Bhar. Samuel Meirlaen (25) is the inventor of Third-I, he is a sound engineer by trade having working experience in the film industry. At Big Boy Systems, Samuel is responsible for R&D and productions. Anais Caroff has experience in the film copyrights market and cares for multiple holdings for housing and supermarkets in Paris and Bretagne. She is responsible for operations and administration/finances at Big Boy Systems. Mikael Bhar is winner of Nest’up in 2014 with YoungSkills, a talents recruiting platform. He is now responsible for the marketing department of Big Boy Systems. Our technicians (cameramen, video editors, directors) for our immersive video productions are hired through interim agencies depending on our jobs need. We have a core of 10 technicians constantly available for our productions and can hire more at any time if a job requires more workforce.




600.000 €