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Cumul.io is a cloud analytics platform for business experts. It can be used by supply chain analysts, market researchers & marketeers, finance specialists and other numbers-driven business people to quickly find new insights in their data themselves, without requiring technical expertise or long-running IT projects.

Cumul.io allows companies to lay the power of data insights in the hands of every employee. It simplifies the blending of different data sources, as well as the visualization and sharing of data insights. Business experts can drag and drop visual insights themselves without any intervention of an informatician or data scientist. In a few clicks they can visually combine, slice and dice their data sets, avoiding extensive product trainings and large upfront costs.

Cumul.io can also easily be integrated as an analytical layer within other software-as-a-service applications, web platforms, apps, intranets, … to dramatically lower the time-to-market and cost of development & maintenance of new analytics solutions. Companies can tap new revenue streams and gain long-term flexibility by being able to visually configure dashboards for their clients.

Industry: Analytics


Karel Callens and Haroen Vermylen have laid the technical foundation of the data visualization platform, Thomas De Clerck came on board medio 2016 once Cumul.io was ready for a commercial take-off.


60 € ARR (end JAN2017)


500K €