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“Ensemblo is in the business of providing B2C marketers with tools to engage customers early, drive loyalty through digital channels and realize increased ROI from digital marketing efforts.
More specifically, Ensemblo is building its first SaaS product called Selma, the self-learning marketing assistant. A predictive intelligence add-on to the existing marketing automation and e-commerce stacks. Selma automatically matches content to each individual customer, in accordance with the marketing team’s marketing plan and KPIs.”

Industry: Predictive MarTech


A cost-effective digital assistant that helps the B2C marketing team get ahead of the customer’s interest on an individual level, and assists to act accordingly. One that helps to engage subscribers early, drive loyalty through the (email) channel and realize increased ROI from (email) marketing efforts.


Our clients desire to engage in relevant and coherent conversations with their customers (i.e. right person, right message, right time, every time and coherently over all touchpoints) and spend considerable effort to do so. They wish to be perceived as advisors rather than promotion “spammers” and are taking steps to ensure the data they use is as insightful and effective as possible, to reach their customers in more contextual, relevant and personal ways. They are aware that as from 2018 the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may drastically impede their digital marketing operations if they are not able to convince their customers of the added value of their digital marketing messages.