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We help retailers and consumer companies to understand shoppers and their behavior in stores. We have developed new solutions for in vivo analytics in offline stores. With our solutions, offline stores can finally have the same richness of shopper analytics as online stores.

Industry: Healthcare wearables; Market research


“We provide the missing link between footpath and sales data in stores: 1) do shoppers visit a particular category, i.e. footpath, 2) what shoppers see and what holds their attention, 3) which products they consider to purchase (take in hand to inspect), 4) where they pick up the products they purchase or where they decide not to purchase (missed conversion opportunities), 5) how different SKUs perform compared with competition (either from the same or different brands), etc.
The insights we deliver are quantitative and in vivo. They are collected in real stores from authentic shoppers. We record in real-time what shoppers do. Shoppers wear our camera glasses while in-store and our software extracts important data. There is no need for having any store infrastructure in place (the data can be collected in any store/shopping mall/shopping street). We can affordably perform studies with hundreds of shoppers.”


Retailers, consumer companies and market research agencies.