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Inmanta is a tech startup with the mission to eliminate the complexity of deploying and managing large-scale applications and (network) infrastructures. Inmanta automates the end-to-end delivery of applications, services and networks.

Industry: ICT and Telecom


Inmanta offers the most powerful end-to-end orchestrator for automated deployment and management of applications, services and network infrastructures. It is the overarching tool that coordinates the deployment and management of all machines, services and networks (including all interdependencies), across vendors and technologies. This integrated approach ensures end-to-end consistency.

– Automated roll-out of infrastructure services for telecom and datacenters, for example:
– Flexible and scalable (virtual) networks (NFV/SDN)
– Private cloud environments (e.g. OpenStack)
– Software-defined datacenters (SDDC)
– Automated deployment of development, testing and production environments for software development companies (DevOps, Continuous delivery)
– Automated deployment and management of business applications


We work for service providers that face the enormous complexity of the digitalization. Their customers aren’t patient any more (they expect a short TTM), and the delivered software solutions immediately have to be highly available and scalable. So the expectations are much higher, and the impact of software failures is much larger and costs a lot of money.
Examples of potential customers: SaaS companies, telecom and infrastructure hosting companies, financial institutions, companies planning to migrate to the cloud, companies looking for more automation and consistency in service delivery