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We help companies boost their team’s individual skills by offering a Digital Learning hub where they can either start digitizing their courses or buy online and/or face to face courses from the best training centers in Belgium.

Companies can thus spend their training budget on MySkillCamp at no cost!

Industry: Digital Learning


Kevin Tillier is the CEO. He studied in Canada for 4 years before coming back to Belgium and started his first company at the age of 21. It was a language training center. Today, he manages the team and the company as well as our partners in Belgium, France and UK.

Amandine Coutant is the sales manager. She daily manages our customers, find new prospects and creates the offers for the marketplace. She used to a real estate agent and decided to join the founding of the startup.

Ludovic Bekaert is the CTO. He joined the startup during an event where Kevin Tillier Pitched the project as we were looking for a developer. It is actually his first job experience and has been mastering his position since two year now. He is a MERN Full stack developer.

Pierre Duquesne has invested with his company Scripto sensu in MySkillCamp as we were working closely together on some translating projects and he has been a great mentor since the beginning of the project.

Philippe Brotelle represents Wapinvest. They have invested in the Startup. Moreover they are great help for introducing us to other companies and potential partners.


Monthly revenue +-9K €


600K €