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We help companies boost their team’s individual skills by offering a Digital Learning hub where they can either start digitizing their courses or buy online and/or face to face courses from the best training centers in Belgium.

Industry: Digital Learning


We have two products, all in one: a marketplace and a digital learning platform.

For training centers, we offer them to market their face to face and/or online courses and to use the platform to train their customers in a professional private environment. The marketplace is a transition to slowly help training centers to digitize their content to offer full online or blended learning courses.

For Companies, HR or Training managers can select content from the marketplace and ask for quotes or directly book the sessions online at no extra cost. The remuneration comes from the training centers.

When a company is ready, we can help them digitize their internal courses through the platform itself. In the meantime, the platform is used both by the employees and the managers to see the face to face sessions and online courses they were assigned to.


Companies and training organisations. Especially HR – Training managers and Learning managers